“Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


The Pionet Group, through its Design and Branding Division - The Workshop, led by Roni Epstein, one of Israel's leading designers and information architects, specializes in the specification and design of interfaces (UI/UX) that "work" for:

  • Websites
  • Online personal information systems
  • Online services
  • Web and cellular apps - Android and iOS application design
  • Online processes
  • Electronic communications - newsletters, customer clubs
  • Videos and presentations as part of a branding process or a strategic digital plan
  • Online branding - eBrand

The team's work reflects 20 years of experience and interface design for leading Israeli corporations and organizations - the Israel Electric Corporation, Rambam Hospital, Ayalon Insurance Company, Ramat Gan Municipality, iDigital, Budget, The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and many others from a variety of fields in the private and public sectors.

A proven methodology that achieves results

The methodology developed by the Workshop team enables us to effectively carry out the User Experience and User Interface design phase so that you get a website that "works" and achieves your business goals. The methodology includes the following stages:

  • Study of the operational system
  • Planning the relationship between the user and the operating system
  • Conducting in-depth experiments to examine the plan that was developed
  • Specification and writing of user instructions that appear within the interface
  • Graphic design for the interface by our talented and experienced design team, at a very high visual level, that conforms to current international standards, in the spirit of the brand or the design of the site.



Before everything - eBrand online branding

In Pionet Group's eBrand workshop, we specialize in building the brand on the Internet in order to achieve the desired business results.
The branding process includes workshops, market research, solutions through business and strategic thinking, customer profile characterization, application development, advanced technological thinking, adaptation to Google standards, creative copy and design.

Branding methodology

Because branding has business implications, this is a process that needs to be done professionally and methodically. Branding is the basis on which the Workshop team performs the design (UI of the site, system, etc.)
Based on the experience of hundreds of past projects, Pionet has developed a dedicated and structured branding process methodology that includes the following stages:

  • Research and development – getting to know the customer and the brand, investigation of the field, competitors, customers and target audiences, and the brand's Internet sphere to determine the brand's Internet potential
  • Understanding - drawing insights and conclusions and preparing a final document to present the conceptual and design concept for the new site
  • Insight – describing how the conceptual design meets the business and marketing objectives of the project
  • Tactics - a detailed description of the concept that was formulated in response to the goals of the new site: design, sitemap, content sharing, interactive activities, search engine optimization.
  • Model - Preparing a prototype for the new site and presenting it to decision makers in the brand's management team
  • Application - The development of the prototype for a final model, accompanied by a summary document, that includes instructions for implementation: UI specification for main pages, site design kit, PSD files, HTML files, and instructions for the development team

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