More About SiteVision - A leading system for intelligent management of dynamic websites

The SiteVision system was developed exclusively by the technological experts of the Pionet Group and is in line with leading solutions worldwide.

SiteVision enables intelligent management of dynamic websites, especially for users who do not have a technical background. The infrastructure is already installed with nearly 1,000 users in Israel and Europe. Our team, on the one hand - continues to improve and update the system, while on the other hand -the team is constantly available to our customers, providing professional support and guidance.

Adapting to the needs and processes of each organization

SiteVision was specially developed to enable optimal adaptation to the existing and changing needs of any organization. SiteVision has several strengths that make it the natural choice for any organization when developing a website because of the following capabilities:

  • Simple and easy operation for any user, even without coding knowledge, including content entry, links, insertion of files of various formats including pictures, video files and integration of forms
  • Ability to integrate with external systems
  • Fast development time
  • Stability
  • Frequent version updates, and automatic updating without the need for conversions
  • HTML5 technology, combined with dedicated products and solutions, in SOA architecture divided into layers (3 tier).

SiteVision - Key Features

  • WYSIWYG content editing
  • Site Tree management
  • Content unit management
  • Quick and convenient integration of display templates
  • Preview mechanism
  • Use of drag & drop elements
  • Multi-language support
  • Versioning
  • Permissions and user management
  • Advanced SEO module for search engine support