Pionet Cloud

At Pionet we have been specializing in solutions and services in the world of virtual servers in the cloud for the past 20 years, saving the need for expensive-to-maintain server rooms, software installations, expensive electricity and air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing systems, as well as the costs of employing professional IT personnel.

Pionet provides the following services through the Pionet Cloud division:

  • Supply and integration of cloud computing infrastructure
  • Setting up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the cloud
  • Hosting in the cloud
  • Hardware and software products adapted to the customer's needs through dedicated virtual servers
  • Establishing a server farm
  • A server cloud infrastructure that enables the establishment of a dedicated server with technical specifications tailored to the customer's system requirements (number of processors, memory, hard disk space, etc.), in a relatively short time
  • Mail services
  • Communication and information security services
  • Automatic data backup
  • High survivability
  •  Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, DiskCloud, Mail Services, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM ו Web Hosting.