SiteVision - an advanced site management system created by Pioet

SiteVision infrastructure is a unique proprietary platform developed by Pionet that enables intelligent management of dynamic websites and is suitable for users who do not have a technical background.

As an infrastructure that is developed and updated with an emphasis on adaptability to the unique needs and processes of any organization, SiteVision enables optimal adaptation to the existing and changing needs of each organization. The system is the leader in its field in Israel and is currently installed in more than 800 organizations in Israel!

What makes SiteVision so special?

  • Simple and convenient operation for all users without the need for coding
  • Integration capabilities to external systems
  • Fast development time
  • Stability
  • Ongoing development of new modules
  • Frequent version updates, and automatic updating without the need for conversions
  • HTML5 technology, combined with dedicated products and solutions, in SOA architecture divided into layers (3 tier).
  • Most importantly - we are here, with you and for you!
Additional Information