Pionet Group providing you with an end-to-end solution

Its been said that Blockchain technology is the next “big” thing after the internet revolution. At Pionet we provide end-to-end blockchain development solutions and the development of useful applications for various business needs, starting with creating a site for ICO’s, through the development of digital wallets, an exchange infrustruture, smart contracts and a command and control system for Share Pool Mining.

At Pionet we believe in provide our clients with a total solution, and that includes Blockchain technologies too. Our in-house experts are prepared to offer you the following services and solutions:

An ICO website – The Quick and Effective Mechanism for Raising Capital

The site is used to raise funds against the issuance of digital coins. Through the issuance of digital or cryptocurrency, the raise is done though the use of smart contracts organized and encrypted though blockchain based protocols and technologies. The issued currency is called a “Token” and is stored in the digital wallet.

The offered service includes:
  • A comprehensive internet site that can be stored at a client site or at the Pionet server farm which includes all registration and permission layers, email, optional pre-sale to friends on whitelists and auctions, client dashboards, and dedicated CRM.
  • White List registration – Development of a preliminary closed list that allows participation in the ICO
  • ERC20-Smart Contracts – Development of Tokens tailored to the Ethereum digital currency, Smart Contracts and Crowd Sales that include the following:
    • Vesting and Discount Logic – Creation and release of Tokens on a limited time basis
    • Distribution to digital wallets
    • Crowd Sale Smart Contracts – Development of functionality for the development of Tokens and their Crowd Sale using Smart Contract

Development of Digital Wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Digital Wallets are used to store and manage cryptocurrency by users.

Our service includes:

  • Wallet Development
  • Wallet Management including multiple wallets per user and joint wallets.
  • Support for transactions between wallets
  • Support for multiple currency transactions
  • Wallet sharing on an organizational level
  • Security and Encryption – support for multiple signatures
  • Dedicated user interface

Development of an Exchange Infrastructure – the Platform for Trading In Digital Currencies

Includes the development of the following services:

  • System for user identification
  • Security Mechanisms
  • Exchange system for buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • Transmitting offers
  • Smart offer system


Smart Contract Development

Includes the following Services:

  • Platform for Public Auctions
  • Token Creation and disbursement to Wallets
  • Distribution Logic
  • Logic for rights and permissions
  • Creation/Release and Distribution of Tokens on a pre-determined schedules


Command and Control System for Share Pool Mining

  • Pool Mining is a protocol for mining and sharing resources for individuals mining digital currency sharing processing capabilities across the network and hence proportionally sharing in profits based on the amount of contributed work towards finding the block.
  • Share – the simplest manner to register and fairly distributed profits.

Pionet offers the ability to develop a command and control system for Share Pool Mining that includes:

  • User Administration
  • Locating profits
  • Registering investment by each user
  • Disbursement of profits based on invested effort