A social and legal obligation, which is good for business

According to the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law (in Israel), entities that provide information to the public must also address people with disabilities. Internet access regulations are based on W3C standards.

In addition to meeting accessibility regulation requirements, website accessibility has many advantages:

  • Increase your site's potential audience - Increase site traffic and appeal to larger audiences
  • Improve your organization's image - as a socially committed organization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Accessible sites achieve better results in search engines
  • Usability and improved browsing experience - a positive and user-friendly browsing experience


Pionet – your accessibility experts

At Pionet we can provide a variety of services that will help you meet the legal requirements and enjoy all the benefits of making your site accessible:

  • Assistance in upgrading the site's accessibility level to AA in order to enable compliance with accessibility regulations
  • Advice on accessibility to any type of site or organization
  • Accessibility maintenance retainer
  • Support for various browsers and mobile systems