Information systems design - the basis for any project


A house cannot be built without a plan

Before constructing a house, an architect needs to draw a plan of the house. His job is to prepare a construction plan according to our desires – starting with where the rooms, walls, doors and windows will be located and up to details such as the location of electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. This plan will serve as the basis for the construction crew involved in the project: contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc.

And a website (or system, or app) cannot be built without a plan!

Similarly, the first step in creating any information system, site or application is the design and specification stage. The design is the infrastructure by which the system is built - and serves as a basis for all the professionals when they perform their part of the project - system analysts, developers, UI experts and designers, system professionals and content editors.

What does the design include?

  • Functional design - or briefly, what the system includes: menus, templates and objects, processes, screens and more.
  • Technological design - in short, how the system will work: infrastructures, technologies, specifications and procedures.

Pionet is proud to present:

  • A professional team with knowledge and experience based on hundreds of projects in all fields required for designing an information system. A team that understands the needs of the customer and knows how to translate them into the right design for the project.

  • Proven design methodology that includes the following stages:
    • Solution driven / Internet strategy
    • Functional design
    • Technological design