Rambam – Health Care Campus

A clean bill of health - Rambam Health Care Campus’s new website

Pionet is proud to present: a new website for the Rambam Health Care Campus. In this project Pionet faced the great challenge of providing diverse medical and administrative information, including information about treatments, physicians, detailed medical information and information about departments and sub-departments for a variety of target audiences - emergency patients in need of immediate medical information, patients who are undergoing treatments on an ongoing basis and need medical information about the treatment, donors, etc. All this and more in four languages - Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic.

In order to provide a suitable response to the various target audiences of the site, the company performed a professional and methodological characterization process that included identifying different target audiences, investigating the users of the site and their behavior. A smart navigation solution and a complex search mechanism were created for the various target audiences.

The new site was built on Pionet’s own SiteVision infrastructure and includes data imported by Pionet’s team from the SharePoint system.

The result: a spectacular, convenient and accessible site in an innovative, responsive and inviting design.

Cortex Dental Implants

New smiles from Pionet: A website and user-friendly catalog with thousands of dental products  

Cortex Dental Implants has recently launched a website with a catalog of thousands of dental implants that provides a convenient and effective solution for dentists and distributors worldwide in five languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Italian.

In this project, Pionet faced the challenge of making a large number of products with different characteristics available to different target audiences in a user-friendly and searchable manner.

Pionet’s team was responsible for characterization, design, implementation and development of the website on Pionet’s own SiteVision system. The team mapped thousands of products and loaded them into the system for the benefit of the users of the site. The result - a site that allows easy locating of products from the catalog and creating a wish list of products for future purchase.

The site also includes an f educational information area, including films about products, surgical procedures, training films and other professional information, for the benefit of the users of the site

Dental Depot-WOHL

A unique integration project - SAP Business One, De-Facto and SiteVision under one roof

Pionet is proud to present the new website of the veteran Dental Depot-WOHL company which for many years has been providing a range of products to dentists, dental technicians, hospitals, public clinics, kibbutzim, the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, health funds and overseas clients. The site includes a catalog of thousands of products serving the diverse clientele of the company.

Beyond the characterization, design, implementation and development of the website on Pionet’s own SiteVision system, Pionet successfully handled the complex technological challenge of integration with two systems simultaneously - the De-Facto system that manages the company's customers according to segments and defines the rules for promotions and discounts for customers and the SAP Business One system, so that all existing SAP products are also displayed in the product catalog. The system knows which discounts, offers or packages should be offered to which customer. Once again, Pionet has demonstrated the company’s ability to execute complex integration projects!

Pionet’s UX teams executed rebranding, adaptation of the site’s color scheme, and customizing the logo to the new design.

The result is a unique, versatile and accessible site that presents the product catalog, innovative in that it combines the capabilities of both systems, enabling club management, integration with the SAP system, and offering products tailored to the segmented customers.