The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

An e-commerce and marketing website in several languages

The Challenge: The Western Wall, the holiest site for the Jewish people - how do you convey the uniqueness and holiness of the place - on a website? A site whose theme is ancient stones, holiness and elevation but is supposed to be based on the most advanced technologies?
The Pionet Group won the tender for the establishment of the website for the Western Wall Heritage Foundation in several languages, and the first challenge was the design - illustrating   the visitors' experience to the Western Wall. In addition, there was a requirement to include the option to view images of the Western Wall cameras that capture the Wall 24 hours a day, six days a week. The site was also to provide information about celebrating a Bar / Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall for those who wish to do so, and enable registration, and finally display the pictures of those who celebrated. On the commercial side, there was a need to establish a donations area that is supposed to interface with online payment channels and an online store that sells Torah scrolls and other products. Another requirement was the possibility of sending a note to the Western Wall to be put between the wall's stones. All this and more - stops when the Sabbath begins.

The solution that was implemented: Following a significant and in-depth speciation and design (UI/UX) process, a responsive and accessible website was created on the SiteVision infrastructure in Hebrew and English (and other languages on the way!). The unique and creative design done by the design team at Pionet's Workshop presents the information on "stones" that correspond with the design of the stones of the Western Wall.
The special site developed by Pionet includes many components, all of which were developed and carried out by Pionet's expert teams: The Wall camera system was integrated so that anyone interested to do so could watch the events at the Western Wall. The possibility of sending a note to the Western Wall was integrated (at the end of each day there are those responsible for physically going and placing the notes between the stones of the Western Wall!), in addition to the option to watch the events, and to register for Bar / Bat Mitzvah by filling out the appropriate forms. An interface was established for uploading photos from the Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebrations held on site, and an interface for donations that includes payment options in several payment channels, such as PayPal and CreditGuard, was developed. An online store, that enables the purchase of books and various accessories, was created. And finally a "Shabbat clock" was added that turns off the site at the beginning of the Sabbath and turns it on again at the end of Shabbat


The Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Client story

When we set out, we knew what we wanted the site to include, but the end result was far beyond our expectations. We met a professional and creative design team that was attentive to our desires and really understood our target audiences and what was best for them. The possibilities, such as registration for the Bar / Mitzvah, the store, the donation center, the calendar of events, the weekly Torah portion, the cameras - provide our users with a pleasant and friendly experience, in the spirit of this holy site. "
Sarah ki Tov, Site Manager

Customers stories


"We've been working with the Pionet Group for several years and through several versions of our website. We are very pleased as with Pionet we are know we are covered for every aspect of the website – both in terms of design - the innovative design abilities of the studio team, who created a very high level website for us in terms of appearance, and technologically – the flexibility the site awards us in terms of content management and design, and the fact that we now have an accessible, responsive website – all in one place. Every one of our demands is always answered professionally and efficiently."

Michal Talmid, Website Manager

Ramat Gan Municipality

"The site addresses the needs of Ramat Gan residents, puts them in the center and was designed to provide residents with end-to-end services, and this was our starting point and why we chose Pionet for the project. The project went smoothly - and within six months we had a live website. We worked together with Pionet's teams in planning the project timetable, in the integration and conversion of the content, and the preparations for the going live. They understood our needs well and acted accordingly, and the results were not long in coming in. Since the end of the project we have received positive responses from the residents about the friendliness of the site, the accessibility of the information and its innovation.
The site is a component of the information systems concept of Ramat Gan's mayor, Israel Zinger: Creating projects for the benefit of the residents, and is a central element in our Smart City Project"
Yaron Yahav, Ramat Gan Municipality CTO

Beit Krinitzi
"The work on creating the website with Pionet was very professional, high quality and courteous.
We are very proud and thankful for the unique and magnificent result that makes the history of the city of Ramat Gan accessible to all"
Idit Kamin Vilozny, Museum Director
Golan Regional Council
"In addition to presenting information about the council and the events in it, it was very important for us to provide those who are interested in living in the Golan Region with all the options available to them. Pionet's team built a solution for us that provides relevant information to anyone interested in the possibility of living in the Golan Heights in an accessible and easy to use manner"
Dalia Amos, Council Spokesperson
Ashdod Port Company Ltd.

"The greatest challenge facing the Ashdod Port is the competition with the other ports, and it was very important for us to provide a pleasant experience as well as updated information so that the agents, customs brokers and shipping company representatives will get all the information they need to decide to dock at the port of Ashdod. Pionet created a site that provides updated information and a successful user experience. "
Tomer Shpetz, Webmaster

Dental Depo

"We are really excited about the significant upgrade that Pionet implemented for us, and our customers now enjoy an accessible and convenient site that enables them to easily access the product catalog and find the product they need. Integration of the SAP and De-Facto systems into the catalog, which was a complex technological project, also makes our site a leader in the field, enabling us to give our customers the best possible service”.
Morel Marom, Site Manager

Israel Football Association
"We finally have a site that meets European standards that is not inferior to any other such site in other countries; on the contrary, we have something to be proud of. IFA's previous site was created over a decade ago and was very heavy, outdated and not accessible or responsive. Thanks to Pionet, today we have an innovative, accessible, responsive website that provides an attractive solution for any fan who is searching for any kind of information about soccer in Israel"
Oren Nizri, IFA CTO